Antifa: “Useful Idiots”….Well, Just Plain Idiots

Antifa is truly stupid beyond our usual understanding of stupid. Posturing themselves as communists and anti-fascists, they received funding from George Soros, an admitted Nazi (i.e. National Sozialism) sympathizer. They attempt to take the moral high ground as if the rest of us can’t recall that communists killed an estimated 210 MILLION people in the 1900’s. In numbers killed, communists make fascists look like Boy Scouts. Nor do they seem to realize that the difference between communism and fascism (both products of the left) is superficial- both have their roots in Marxism. Both share the sine qua non of socialism: collectivism and ever-increasing control over peoples’ lives by the State (Statism). Without question, communism is ideologically closer to fascism than capitalism. No matter how much they hate each other, they are brothers and anyone who thinks fascism is on the right within the political spectrum is completely ignorant of history. Moreover, a fascist may or may not be a nationalist. For example, Hitler was an ethnic nationalist, but Mussolini was not. Here, Antifa further fails to make a critical distinction between ethnic nationalism (which is racist) and civic nationalism (which is not racist). If you, my reader, would rather embrace a democratic republic than, say, Sharia Law, you are practicing civic nationalism.

So straight out of the 1938 playbook, these punks, products of the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism and still not clear on which bathroom to use, want to bring weapons to a Patriot Prayer vigil in Oregon presumably to start another civil war. Good luck with that- these clowns can’t hold a candle to their Bolshevik and Trotskyite grandfathers. Rather than lame caricaturizations, Antifa should at least have the intellectual honesty to admit they are fighting against the real ideals of the political right- individual freedom, natural law, natural rights grounded in human nature, less government interference, and for heaven’s sake, less spying on us. These useful idiots, as Lenin called them, need to stop telling us what to think, do, and say. We will never genuflect to their bullying!

Die Gedanken sind frei

My thoughts freely flower,

Die Gedanken sind frei

My thoughts give me power.

No scholar can map them,

No hunter can trap them,

No man can deny:

Die Gedanken sind frei!


I think as I please

And this gives me pleasure,

My conscience decrees,

This right I must treasure;

My thoughts will not cater

To duke or dictator,

No man can deny–

Die Gedanken sind frei!


And if tyrants take me

And throw me in prison

My thoughts will burst free,

Like blossoms in season.

Foundations will crumble,

The structure will tumble,

And free men will cry:

Die Gedanken sind frei!