On the afternoon of Sunday, April 9, biologist Jonathan Wells and I will be in Hollywood to take part in a post-play discussion after the performance of the landmark new play “Disinherit the Wind.” We’d love to have you join us!  

Disinherit the Wind - Action 2 smaller “Disinherit the Wind” is a landmark play because it may be the first mainstream theatrical production mounted in America to explode the usual stereotypes about the evolution debate. The play tells the story of a renowned neurobiologist with New Age sympathies who sues a prominent university for the right to challenge neo-Darwinian evolution. His argument: neo-Darwinian materialist thought has become a dogmatic orthodoxy that stifles free thought. In the post-play discussion, I will share about the real-life persecution of scientists who are skeptical of Darwin, and Jonathan Wells will share about the growing scientific evidence that makes Darwinism past its pull-date (if you ask him, he may even give you a sneak peek of his forthcoming book Zombie Science). We’ll also hear from actor and playwright Matt Chait about what inspired him to write the play.
Tickets are just $20 (a 20% discount off of the regular rate), but space is extremely limited. I hope you will register today and join fellow supporters of the Center for Science and Culture for the play and discussion.

John G. West, PhD
Associate Director, Center for Science & Culture
Discovery Institute